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There is huge difference in financial success and success. Financial success is far less dependent on hard work and knowledge than it is on the ability to lead and motivate people. Bill Gates would not have been Bill Gates if had not lead and motivate team Microsoft. If he had continued with just hard work [...]

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The Benefits of VOIP!!

On November 7, 2009 By

The benefits of technology and lowering of costs across all industries due to globalization is totally evident in the falling costs of communication. I remember few years ago it used to cost a huge amount to call India from USA. Reliance used to be the major player and rest were some shady calling cards.

With [...]

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Google Maps Navigation

On November 4, 2009 By

Beta of Google Maps Navigation is out and is another wonderful technology by Google. It  is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is  available for phones with Android 2.0. The best past it is totally free and is going to change the face of the navigation marketing. I wonder what will all [...]

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So finally it is here and it is wonderful. BlackSn0w is so easy to do and play. Geohot is  a real genius. Please go to the following links:

T0 download go to:

Key factors:

No need to pay anyone for unlock Supports both windows and [...]

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Today I went to Ukiah a town on 101, north bound from Petaluma. It is around 70 miles from here with a beautiful drive. The best part is the scenery that I will rate as best in the north bay. The other unique factor is the cycle lane on the freeway which is a unique [...]

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I currently have a touch pro from htc and I am confused if I should upgrade to htc touch pro 2? Recently I got a chance to try iPhone for few days and found that it is worth buying. iPhone has a strong app store that makes life so much easier. Other key advantage iPhone [...]

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