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iphone jailbroken? ikee is never going to give you up..

ikee is never going to give you upThe first worm to infect the Apple iPhone has been discovered spreading “in the wild” in Australia.

The self-propagating program changes the phone’s wallpaper to a picture of 80s singer Rick Astley with the message “ikee is never going to give you up”.

The worm, known as ikee, only affects “jail-broken” phones, where a user has removed Apple’s protection mechanisms to allow the phone to run any software.

How to fix:

change ssh password for iphone
change ssh password for iphone

First off, fire up Cydia and download an application called MobileTerminal. It’s nice and small so shouldn’t take too long. Once downloaded launch it and you’ll be faced with a screen very much like the screenshot over on the left. It’s basically a terminal window just like OS X and linux.

Now just enter the command:


Now you’ll be asked for your old password which should be ‘alpine’, followed by your new one (twice). Nice and simple.

After this your jailbroken iphone is little more secure as it will be not easy fo anyone to install anything on your iphone now.