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How the Start or Stop a IBM Websphere Profile from Command, Windows or Eclipse

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How to Use WAS profiles to create multiple independent user configurations sharing the same install binaries. This is almost like having multiple servers.

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A Twitter phishing attack is spreading rapidly today, attempting to obtain Twitter logins via Direct Messages. If you receive a message reading “lol, is this you”, and linking to a site called “bzpharma”, do not click the link.

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New to ORM/iBatis? Don’t worry this is just right for you!

A short tutorial for iBatis basics.

Introduction to Ibatis by Rohit

View more presentations from Rohit Prabhakar.

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To start with I would say it is a huge shift from its predecessor, just like windows 3.1 from windows XP!

It is a meaningful phone OS and almost most of the things that I or you could wish from the Smartphone we carry today.

Xbox on the phone has finally arrived!

Tiles that are different not 4X4 or 4X6

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Forget about all those 50$ plus or 10$ monthly recurring charge navigation apps for your iphone. For last many months I was in a fix to either buy a new GPS device for my car or to buy some android phone in order to run Google Navigation. Being a iphone fan [...]

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PMP Provider Review

On February 14, 2010 By

Here you can find pmp provider review for PMT, Cheetah, PM Study, Global Knowledge.

While I was planning to take the journey of being a PMP, I was always in dilemma that if I should do self-study or take boot camp. After talking to many PMPs and doing self assessment I decided to take a boot camp. The next biggest challenge was [...]

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Fantastic food and fantastic service! I was here with my office team and we had everything from drinks, appetizers, main course. Everything was fantastic! The best part was supe friendly and…

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