16 Feb

Best iphone gps app, Motion X gps drive review

Forget about all those 50$ plus or 10$ monthly recurring charge navigation apps for your iphone. For last many months I was in a fix to either buy a new GPS device for my car or to buy some android phone in order to run Google Navigation. Being a iphone fan it was not an easy decision to choose out from the available options and especially to switch to an android for Google navigation. I finalized a quite a good number of gps devices like “TomTom GO 740 Live”, “Garmin Nuvi 1690” and “TomTom XL 340 S”.

Finally I got a very nice app that was just 0.99$ and seemed to be brilliant. I wrote to the app company with some questions and they were very quick to respond back. I finally moved ahead and bought this app and in just few moments the app was on my iphone. It was very quick and easy to install and start.

I was in my office and I entered a rough address of the hotel where I was staying. It was quick in finding the exact location from the cloud and suggested me a route. This app is known by the name of MotionX gps drive by Fullpower. It has a wonderful features and usability.

12 Feb

Spring Framework Basics

Today I was asked by few of my colleagues to give a brief introduction about Spring Framework. I created this presentation and hope this is also able to help you. Comments are appreciated!
Here is some more code if you would like to understnad how can a class can be injected and used in other class.
Changes Made:
  1. Added: PrintMe.java
  2. Changed: HelloWorldImpl2.java, applicationContext.xml

Scenario: Use another class