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IBM Websphere: Change config if machine name or network name changed

Recently you changed the machine name or network name and now you are facing problems with the IBM WebSphere. The behavior of the application server has turned weird as it does not stop when asked to stop from the console or the menu etc.

In order to fix this problem we can update the new name wither manually or from admin UI of IBM WebSphere.


  • Open the serverindex.xml in an editor. C:WS6AppServerprofilesdefaultconfigcellsLTL3AHM4MNode01CellnodesLTL3AHM4MNode01serverindex.xml (This path may be different on your machine)
  • Replace all the instances of the old computer name with the new name
  • Save


You can also do this from the Admin console of the server.

  • Go to Click Servers > Application servers > server1
  • Select Communication > Ports
  • Over here you will see the old host name in the Host column.
  • Click on every port name and change the host value to the new value.

Click Save when all Host values have been updated.