27 May

Web 3.0 : My Fantasy and What is it?

Today I was reading about the web 3.0 and I was glad with my visualization of what could web 3.0 mean to me. I visualize myself as :

  • I am tired of my rut life I want to go some place very nice that can surely make me feel better; I share my mood information with the web and the quick option are presented. It may be a small holiday destination or a spiritual class nearby; it may be something far; web shows me the available option and the best option to book it and reach there;
  • I have a craving for makki ki roti and saag; web searches the closest Indian restaurants serving it; with ratings and seat availability; I choose the best option; web informs the restaurant about me coming, my time to the restaurant; I reach there my order is ready and served to me;
  • I want to see a movie that had has Aamir Khan and is a comedy; web searches the closest/fastest options available;
  • I have 100$ and I want to go out with my family, watch a movie, eat an Italian food, eat a sundae and while coming back I stop at a wharf; web searches for the options, combines them and presents me the package options.
  • and many more weird dreams ……………..

This will be awesome! I know this is a dream and it will come true 😮

What is Web 3.0? From the search links that I would like to share


An Idiot’s Guide to Web 3.0

What will Web 3.0 look like? Who knows? But here are a few possibilities.

The Semantic Web

A Web where machines can read sites as easily as humans read them (almost). You ask your machine to check your schedule against the schedules of all the dentists and doctors within a 10-mile radius-and it obeys.

The 3D Web

A Web you can walk through. Without leaving your desk, you can go house hunting across town or take a tour of Europe. Or you can walk through a Second Life-style virtual world, surfing for data and interacting with others in 3D.

The Media-Centric Web

A Web where you can find media using other media-not just keywords. You supply, say, a photo of your favorite painting and your search engines turn up hundreds of similar paintings.

The Pervasive Web

A Web that’s everywhere. On your PC. On your cell phone. On your clothes and jewelry. Spread throughout your home and office. Even your bedroom windows are online, checking the weather, so they know when to open and close. &151


I have a dream for the Web [in which computers] become capable of analyzing all the data on the Web

24 May

SCRUM Series

In last few days I have compiled some information on SCRUM in separate articles. Here is the consolidation of all the links:

  1. Scrum: An Introduction to this simple-powerful agile methodology
  2. Scrum: Characteristics and what is sprint?
  3. SCRUM: What are the different Roles?
  4. SCRUM: All the different Meetings
  5. SCRUM: Artifacts
  6. SCRUM: Scalability by SCRUM OF SCRUMS
  7. SCRUM:Some facts and resources

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21 May

Google TV: What does it means to a technologist and an enterpreneur?

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Since yesterday I have searched lot of times and read many blogs to find out what does the Google TV means for a technical person like me. How can I use this technology or how can I think of using it. I want to understand the opportunities that lie in this breakthrough Google TV that can help me and you. Here is some information that may help you as it helped me:

Designing websites for Google TV

Table of Contents

  • Designing for TV: A Primer
  • Simplicity above all
  • Navigation is critical
  • A new kind of screen
  • Even TV needs text
  • Sound matters
  • Flash on Google TV

Source: Google TV

I would really appreciate your opinion on how to do you think that Google TV can be utilized from a perspective of a technologist or an entrepreneur.

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20 May

Google TV: TV meets web and web meets TV

A new revolution has arrived to a sector that is still not captured by the latest in IT and telecom. Lots of attempts have been made but none has made a huge impact. But it seems this time the story is different as couples of companies are getting together with Google to tear it apart. The sector is none other than what is watched 5 hours on average per day by every American and more than 4 billion people watch it across the world, THE TV.

So that got us thinking…what if we helped people experience the best of TV and the best of the web in one seamless experience? Imagine turning on the TV and getting all the channels and shows you normally watch and all of the websites you browse all day