BP Oil Leak: Should we stop drilling or something else? What do you think?

A beach after an oil spill.
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(This is all my personal opinion. I will appreciate your comments as I have tried to initiate a discussion.)

BP oil leak is the most important and prominent topic since it has happened. It has caused millions of dollars of loss not BP alone but to the entire world. Thee oil spill that is still not controllable has created an environmental hazard. The total loss to nature and mankind will surely run into trillions as the impact to fauna and flora is beyond our imaginations. I saw lots of disturbing images with died sea animal. I truly agree with each and everyone that this is not at all good. BP should pay for the damages and this should be a lesson learnt for every other oil company.

Whatever I wrote above is all what we all know. But the reason I am writing this is the new CRY to STOP OFFSHORE DRILLING. I was not surprised to see such banner ads on google ads asking to stop new offshore drilling. Already lots of websites from such organizations has been created. I totally agree to the cause BUT my questions to all such mind sets are:

“Is this a right solution?

Have you stopped driving on the road as someone you knew lost his life in a tragic car accident?

Did you stop boarding planes as few years ago one of them converted into a missile?

Did you stop smoking because lots of people die because of lung cancer?

My answer to all of these is NOOOOOOOOOOO!

The solution to this problem in my personal opinion is:

  • Strict law and regulations against all such companies. So that if any such thing happens again that company should not be able to shoulder the financial implications hence forced to regularly check the equipments.
  • Better research in this field to always have a plan B. e.g. (BP installed a funnel to control the leakage and pump it up back to vessel. Why can’t we have a design where all oil companies are forced to always have such a structure installed for plan B. This structure should have sensors ti notify in case of leak from main pipe. Even if the leak is not controlled in time at-least it will not spillover and can be pumped up back.
  • An example should be set for all the oil companies by the Fed government by imposing huge fines this time. The implications should be sever enough for BP. Hope Obama’s team doesn’t brings the economy factor in punishing BP.

This is all my personal opinion. I will appreciate your comments as I have tried to initiate a discussion.

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