• Why almost 80% of corporate strategies fail?

    Just in USA, companies spend billions of dollars on training the top level management about the best strategies etc. But every year less than 20% strategies are successfully put to implementation.

  • Difference between Leadership and Management

    Management: Set of processes that aim to take an organization and make it functional as it was designed for.The processes like planning, budgeting, organizing, customer relationship, sales, automation, staffing, problem solving etc. Leadership: The ultimate aim of leadership is to visualize and effectively lead the organization to the next level. Processes like creating the vision of future, strategy to get there, communicate to people in a way that they buy into it and motivate those people to implement it, create and update the systems that managers use to manage. Hopefully you will not confuse the both with each other now and be sure that when recruiting for senior executive positions…

  • Success Plan: Tuesday Morning Coaching

    "In just 2 days of reading the chapter "Focus inside the boat" I have seen a big change in myself as I always thought the time management is a skill that I need to work on. But the reality was I need to learn attention management!"

  • It is not about me, It is about Them

    After reading a book titled “Go-Giver Sell More” by Bob Burg and John David Mann I learned that every action should remind me that “It is not about me, It is about Them” Awesome, Fantastic, Life Changing, thought changing……………..book! I am totally moved by each and every line and each and every chapter. What a great thought process Bob Burg has that he has captured every single thing that every person (in sales or not) should know. And it is not about knowing but it is about what we should implement. Thanks to this book, both my professional and personal life has seen a huge positive change in last 5…