15 Dec

Leave a Trail of The Genius

1000 things on a shelf

Slide from Aaron's deck

Few months back I got a chance to listen to my mentor’s mentor, Mr. Prashant Pala. He was sharing a lesson from life. Mr. Prashant Pala is a highly successful entrepreneur and a great visionary. Every time I have got a chance to talk to Prashant or listen him I have gathered a few years of wisdom in few short minutes. At such a young age I could never imagine anyone having so much of wisdom.

Lets get back to where i started, I was talking about life lessons. The same lesson came back to me few days ago while listening to a speaker at An Event Apart. It was Mr. Aaron Walter, talking on subject “From Idea to Interface”. He shared how twitter came to existence. To cut the story short, the concept of idea came to its founder almost 6 years before it came into existence. The founder didn’t let the idea die when he got it and all whom he shared it with ridiculed him. He put the idea onto paper which was used years later. Aaron talked about “1000 things on the Shelf”. He Talked about letting all your ideas be noted and shelved so that you can take them out when a right time comes.

The twitter Idea on paper

Twitter on paper, mark of a genius

As a very successful, genius person says ” Luck is when Opportunity meets Preparedness”.

The same was shared by Mr. Prashant Pala when he was talking about “leave a trail of a genius”. He was sharing that always carry a notebook and pen. As soon as you get any idea or good though in your mind, note it down. Once you write those down you give your ideas a chance to live else so many thoughts (and many of them great ones) come to our minds but are lost before we may even think about them. That is what makes the genius different from most of us. While a genius will always note them down, most of us will let it die, everyday and every time.

Leave a trail of a genius! Give your ideas a chance to live. Don’t let your thoughts die.

I Wish the best to the Genius inside you.

15 Dec

What is clutter

Jared Spool, Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering at An Event Apart as closing speaker was talking about the secret lives of links and he discussed about clutter. Here is what he shared on what is a meaning of clutter and here is what he provided a great and a hilarious example.


Meaning of Clutter

Absolutely, Real meaning of Clutter. All the web space is cluttered with junk and least amount of content.

14 Dec

World Wi-Fi number for FREE from Republic Wireless

It is amazing how new concepts are shaping the today and future of the fast progressing world we are living in. After bringing a revolutionary idea of bringing VoIP to cellphones today I received an email from Republic Wireless to get hold of a free international number.

Republic Wireless call this a world Wi-Fi number. World Wi-Fi number is a secondary number that will be assigned to your primary domestic number and the republic wireless number. Anyone would be able to call you from any country for very cheap prices (sometime in future)

As soon as I got this, I had a question for myself. Why do I need it? Here is whatI found:

I am from India and most of my family and friends are in India. This will help me in 2 ways:
1) All my friends and family can call me for a very cheap price as Republic Wireless has offered all carriers in the world a very cheap way to pass their traffic directly to them instead of paying heavy fees to other carriers to route the call internationally.
2) I frequently go back to India to meet family and for business. While I am there the same Republic Wireless phone with the world Wi-Fi number will work anywhere where there is a wifi. India is very advanced now, even in my village (Mohtli) there are many wifi networks available. This empowers all my clients, office, friends in USA reach me directly without a need of international calling enabled on their phone.

I went ahead and booked the number of my choice for free. I even went ahead and reserved a number for my wife ( even when she is not registered with them, I think they are very generous to allow anyone). Here is the link http://worldwifi.republicwireless.com

Now I am waiting for 2012 when they will make this number available and functional. Once the feature is ready Republic Wireless will be back in touch and will let me know how to link the World Wi-Fi number with the Republic phone and my primary domestic number.

I am excited to use this new feature and technology and wish the very best to Republic Wireless.

I like innovation!

Republic Wireless: http://worldwifi.republicwireless.com