• Strategy

    Strategy is thinking ahead with a design and goal in mind. Taking control of tomorrow by thinking about it today. -John Maxwell

  • It ain’t different

    When I live back in India I always had a assumption that everything is done efficiently in USA. For everyone in my country USA is a picture where all companies, government departments, business run efficiently. But since I landed and started living here I found out that most of the Government Departments make me feel at home all the time. It takes almost the same amount of time to get things done here too. I have paid for specialized registration plated from my DMV (California DMV) since September of last year and until today I have no clue. They made me pay upfront but there is no trail, no email…

  • Forbidden to care by Seth

    Today Seth Godin wrote a wonderful post on how it becomes impossible for the rep to care about a customer call in a company where there is top down structure for customer service.

  • Edification

    ?Mark of the leader is the way he our she edifies others. Mostly we are in a habit of bringing down others most of the time. Rarely we see few who have a