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Humorous (Real?) side of cost analysis!


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Strategy is thinking ahead with a design and goal in mind. Taking control of tomorrow by thinking about it today.
-John Maxwell

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When I live back in India I always had a assumption that everything is done efficiently in USA. For everyone in my country USA is a picture where all companies, government departments, business run efficiently.

But since I landed and started living here I found out that most of the Government Departments make me feel [...]

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Today Seth Godin wrote a wonderful post on how it becomes impossible for the rep to care about a customer call in a company where there is top down structure for customer service.

“When organizations take away all flexibility and power from their frontline employees, they’re depriving the people with the highest leverage from doing [...]

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​Mark of the leader is the way he our she edifies others. Mostly we are in a habit of bringing down others most of the time. Rarely we see few who have a  rare habit of building people up and all of them are definitely leaders. I have always kept myself in the association of [...]

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Never give up because someone said it is impossible or cannot be done or you cannot do it……..What an amazing story of “When you have a WHY, facts don’t matter”.

Thanks to my friend Mr.Vikram who shared this video with me.

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Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were.
-Cherie Carter-Scott

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