• Milk: The biggest driver of impulsive buying in FMCG

    As per recent study by Nielsen, nothing has more power to drive consumers to the store than milk (59% of instances), closely followed by pet food (56%) and baby food (52%). And it is true in case of our family. Every time we go to buy milk it always costs us more than $30-$40. We always come back with many other things, what we all call “impulsive buying”.  

  • Are your metrics screwed up due to bots? 61.5% of website visitors are bots.

    2103 report for Incapsula reveals an increase in bot traffic since last year. Are you currently segmenting your bot traffic in your web analytics profile? Are you ensuring that your website metrics are not inflated? If not, I think this a right time to start thinking and doing something about it because 61.5% of Web Traffic Is Not Human   Here are some good articles on how you can segment the bot traffic if you are using Google Analytics: How to Filter Bot Traffic From Your Google Analytics GOOGLE ANALYTICS: HOW TO SEGMENT AND FILTER ROBOT TRAFFIC