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06 Aug

Innovation moving EAST

After reading an article on “3D Express Coach” (also called a “three-dimensional fast bus”) that will allow cars less than 2 meters high to travel underneath the upper level carrying passengers at Huffington post today I am enough motivated to think and write on this good aspect of the moving East.

Few years ago as a kid I always saw my elders (parents, relatives, friends) all running in the race to exist. Majority of the population in India was a part of the survival game only. I belong to the City Beautiful, Chandigarh in India where bicycles and scooters used to rule the road while cars were only reserved for the rich/government and the government drivers. As most of the population was all trying to make both ends meet and finally may have some small house to call of their own; only rare could think of innovation. But today things have totally changed! With the changes has come lot of good and long lasting developments.

A year ago I was reading an article in one of the famous journal (I don’t remember the name) which published that in next 50 years the innovation ground will slowly and slowly move to the East to countries like India and China. These countries will become the breeding ground of new breathtaking inventions. Being a part of the economic and social growth of these countries I very well understood why the author (he was some American economist) was saying this. The economic growth that these countries have seen in last few years because of the offshoring industry is mammoth. The economic growth has contributed a lots of positive to social, infrastructure and mental growth too. All this is leading to more on entrepreneur and innovation mindset development.

India is changing, I noted.

Pradeep Gupta, CEO of Cybermedia and president of TiE Delhi, concurs: “I have been talking on entrepreneurship at various colleges for the last two decades. I always ask a question: How many of you want to be entrepreneurs?” he says. “Earlier, maybe 5% [of] hands went up; today a quarter of the class raises their hands.”

Two of the key factors that have contributed to this development are:

  • Capital has become more accessible and with the advent of internet the ways to implement ideas has really become simpler. Finding a funding has really become easier. I remember how my friend was able to get a funding of 5 crore (.5 billion USD) for one of our projects in India about 5 years ago in approx 30 days. Companies and Individuals are becoming wealthier. More and more individuals are coming out of survival mode into expansion mode. Now the thought process is on how to participate in the expansion rather than sitting on the corners and enjoying the mediocre life.
  • “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”: Population problem is the biggest problem in these countries and also it is the biggest advantage. Because of the stress on resources everyone is being forced to think differently. Think in a way how the life can be improved using the same set of resources.

22 Jan

Nokia Navigation, Free Forever!!

After google now it is Nokia! Nokia has just announced that the Nokia navigation is free FOREVER and that too in over 70 countries. The site boasts of the following features:

Mobile navigation for everyone

Ovi Maps takes you where you want to be and shows you what you want see, with navigable maps for over 70 countries worldwide. All this with only one click. And it’s all free.

  • Free Drive navigation
  • Free Walk navigation
  • Free maps and map updates
  • Free Events guides
  • Free Lonely Planet guides

The application for your PC is also available where you can work on the maps and then transfer all the data to phone and use it. The key features are:

Register to to plan your trips online and copy your favourite places and routes to Ovi Maps on your mobile.

  • Sync with Maps on your mobile
  • Find places
  • Favourites
  • Plan routes
  • Traffic information
  • Lonely Planet & Michelin guides

Is this a beginning of a new era of all free gps navigation. No doubts, the future is going to to be tough for GPS companies like Garmin…..

12 Jan

Infosys Q3: 2.7 per cent rise in net profit

Infosys technologies Q3 result beats all the the expectation as it posted a net profit of Rs 1,582 crore. Which is is 2.7% rise in the net profit. During this time the contribution to the revenue by top 10 clients also increased by approximately 12%.


Consolidated results for the quarter ended December 31, 2009:

  • Income was Rs 5,741 crore (Rs 57.41 billion) for the quarter ended December 31, 2009; QoQ growth was 2.8%; YoY decline was 0.8%
  • Net profit after tax was Rs. 1,582 crore (Rs 15.82 billion) for the quarter ended December 31, 2009; QoQ growth was 2.7%; YoY decline was 3.6%
  • Earnings per share decreased to Rs. 27.75 from Rs. 28.66 in the corresponding quarter of the previous year; QoQ growth was 3.3%; YoY decline was 3.2%

As per Infosys CEO S. Gopalakrishnan the US economic recovery led by the financial sector is the key driving force and is benefiting the off-shoring industry. As per him the other good thing is that the clients are making quicker decisions now.

Infosys shares rose 3.2 percent to 2,569 rupees as of 10:46 a.m. in Mumbai trading, the biggest contributor to the 13-stock Bombay Stock Exchange BSE IT Index’s 3.3 percent gain.

Source: BusinessWeek

10 Jan

Google site clinic

Get you site verified and tested for SEO from the Masters at Google. Google India has launched this service which is available till Jan 20, 2009.

Our team will analyze websites submitted to the clinic. The plan is to offer constructive advice on accessibility and improvements that can lead to better visibility for your website in Google’s search results.

Google India blog

Go to the  link ASAP and submit your site in just 1 minute but you need to have your site registered with Google Webmaster tools.

07 Jan

Netflix and Warner Bros. deal: They win we loose!



Online DVD rental pioneer Netflix Inc.  has reached a new deal with Warner Bros. As per the agreement Netflix will wait 28 days before offering any of the Warner Bros. new release DVDs to its customers.

The Winners are:


  • Warner Bros. Netflixgets discount on Warner Bros. titles
  • gets rights to stream many additional movies
  • gets many old movies/series that are currently not a part of their library.

Warner Bros.

  • As nearly 75% of the DVD sales are made in the first month of the release, this will ensure that Warner Bros. sell enough of DVDs.

Here we loose:


  • Wait for 28 days (most probably more as everyone cannot get it at the same time, limited copies) or go out and buy DVD
  • Watch a handful of old movies (similar to what is done by most renting companies in India as they all have a limited library and that too with more old titles)

What are you going to do now? Bear the frustration/ Move to someone else (Blockbuster etc.)

03 Jan

The Divine Temple of Jwala Ji (The Goddess of Light)

Last month during my trip back home in India I finally got a chance to go to a divine temple of Jwala Ji (The Goddess of Light) and it was a wonderful lifetime experience. The temple is situated on the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas(Coordinates: 31°52’48″N   76°19’12″E). Jawalamukhi, the town is named after the Goddess and is located in Kangra district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Jwala is a Sanskrit word which means flame and Ji is a commonly used word in India to give respect. Alternative spelling and names for Jwala Ji include Jvala Ji, Jwala Devi and Jawalamukhi Ji. It is a rare Hindu temple where the physical manifestation of Goddess is a flame. The flame are based out of fissure from which some natural gas seeps out itself and burns endlessly. There are always 7 or 9 flames burning all the times.

The temple was built by King named Bhumi Chand of Kangra, a great devotee of goddess Durga. The King had a dream of the sacred place and set people to find out the
whereabouts of the site. There are lots of stories associated with this temple but the most famous one is associated with The Mughal Emperor Akbar. He once ordered to extinguish the flames by getting it covered with thick Iron plates and even channelized water through them. But all went in vain and the flames continued to burn. This forced Akbar to realize his mistake and urged him to repent. He presented a golden chattar (parasol) at the temple of the Goddess. His
disbelief at the power of the Goddess caused the gold to turn into another
metal which is still unknown to the world.

I strongly suggest if you are traveling to India and planning to visit North India, for sure have this temple on your itinerary. Besides visiting the holy shrine you can also enjoy the local food at the numerous shops near the temple. The other nearby places to visit are Kangra and the famous town of Dharamshala which is known worldwide as home to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the spiritual and political head of the Tibetan Buddhists.

31 Dec

India Food Price Rise: Revisiting on New Year eve 2010

The Year that I am writing in is just on the corner to end and the new year is ready to gear-in. There are numerous lessons learnt and lot of thoughts on how to make the coming years better.

Just a few days back I was back to my home country “India” and I was very much disturbed by the rising prices of the food items hence making the life of not even poor but even the middle class a real challenge. Since the advent of this Globalization the prices have really sky-rocketed. India surely has benefited from this globalization but the benefit has only gone to the minority and that too at a cost of sky-high prices of all food items.

During the same time I got a lot of chances to go and live in the country side and have interaction with the farmers. The farmers complained low income potential in agriculture which was a shock to me. I was expecting that they must be the most privileged after looking at the prices in the market. The existence of the age-old mal-practice that the farmer still gets the same old prices for his crop and all the money is made by the traders  came into limelight in all such discussions. For a cabbage that the farmer still sells for 1.5-2 Rs/Kg is sold at more than 10 Rs/Kg in the markets etc.

The worst part to the whole problem is that the Government is still not doing enough to control this. The biggest challenge for the Indian Government should be to control the inflation and bring it down. The cabinet needs to understand that the masses in India don’t need cheap automobiles but food items at cheap prices. Hope someone is listening………

I would recommend a very nice article by Arindam Chaudhuri.

07 Nov

The Benefits of VOIP!!

The benefits of technology and lowering of costs across all industries due to globalization is totally evident in the falling costs of communication. I remember few years ago it used to cost a huge amount to call India from USA. Reliance used to be the major player and rest were some shady calling cards.

With the advent of new companies like Vonage, reliable calling, airtel callhome and many others it is really becoming better and better. But the better news is that it is really getting cheaper and cheaper! I recently bough a Vonage connection and it is free calling to almost 50+ countries. My mom who is visiting me from India is having a great time in getting touch with her friends. I never have to worry about the bill getting inflated…all thanks to Technology and globalization!

With a ongoing scheme from Vonage you can even get 2 months of free calling. Use the code (7072351994) at this link to get the offer of Free unlimited International calling to over 60 countries including India, Mexico and Canada.