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Practical lessons to effective Management

16 Sep

Creating Project Plan in MS Project

Every time I create a new MPP, I ask this question to myself “How and where to start?”. I very well remember the first time I created a Microsoft project plan and I was struggling on strategy to put a plan in place. There was nobody to mentor me. It is very essential that we start right. Here is what I found very useful for me:

  1. Identify tasks and Create task list
  2. Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  3. Group the tasks based on functional or criteria in WBS
  4. Estimate every task in the WBS
  5. Then move all this information to Microsoft Project Plan or any other project management tool or you can even do step 1-4 inside the tool. I personally love to do with paper and pencil and then move it to software.

There is a very good tutorial on creating Microsoft Project Plan with the similar approach at


Rohit Prabhakar, PMP

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16 Sep

Difference between Leadership and Management

Management: Set of processes that aim to take an organization and make it functional as it was designed for.The processes like planning, budgeting, organizing, customer relationship, sales, automation, staffing, problem solving etc.

Leadership: The ultimate aim of leadership is to visualize and effectively lead the organization to the next level. Processes like creating the vision of future, strategy to get there, communicate to people in a way that they buy into it and motivate those people to implement it, create and update the systems that managers use to manage.

Hopefully you will not confuse the both with each other now and be sure that when recruiting for senior executive positions you are just not hiring managers but more importantly Leaders too!

07 Jun

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

A must read blog by Heidi Grant Halvorson at Harvard Business Review. The following are the 9 things:

  1. Get specific.
  2. Seize the moment to act on your goals.
  3. Know exactly how far you have left to go.
  4. Be a realistic optimist.
  5. Focus on getting better, rather than being good.
  6. Have grit.
  7. Build your willpower muscle.
  8. Don’t tempt fate.
  9. Focus on what you will do, not what you won’t do.


26 Jan

Never Give Up your dream

Why? Read this powerful real life story that I have read in many books. Here is the story from book “Think & Grow Rich” in section named “Three Feet & Fifty Cents”

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another.

An uncle of RU Darby was caught by the

04 Oct

Uplift and Inspire

I watched them tearing a building down,
A gang of men in a busy town,
With a ho heave ho and a lusty yell,
They swung a beam and a side wall fell
And I asked the foremen, “Are these men skilled,
The men he’d hire if he had had to build?”
He gave a laugh and said, “No indeed!
Just a common laborer is all I need.
I can easily wreck in a day or two
What builders have taken a year to do.”
I asked myself as I went my way,
Which of these roles have I tried to play.
Am I a builder who works with care,
Measuring life with rule and square?
Or am I a wrecker as I walks the town ,
Content with the labor of tearing down.
-Unknown Author

I read this wonderful poem and could not stop myself from sharing this. From a book titled “8 Attributes of Great Achievers” by Cameron C. Taylor

05 Aug

Journey to be a PMP was 10 days long!

I have been reading various forums for a long time and finally decided to get PMP done few weeks ago. Here is my schedule of action with exact dates on my journey for the project management certification:

August 19 2010:::: Enrolled for the PMStudy class for PMP in Milwaukee, WI, USA

August 20 2010:::: Not yet started the online study material for PMP

August 21 2010:::: Started with the online study material for PMP exam. The only thing I did that day was to memorize the process chart and the formulas provided by PMStudy. (Excellent chart from PMStudy)

August 22, 2010:::: Practiced the process chart only once

August 23, 2010: PMStudy class 8 AM to 6 PM (I had an excellent coach, Mr.Mike Tomaszewski , PMP. Learning was fun!), followed by 3 hrs of study at home (same as taught in class and few practice tests provided in the course)

August 24, 2010:::: PMStudy class 8 AM to 6 PM, followed by 3 hrs of study at home (same as taught in class and few practice tests provided in the course). I am excited to become PMP certified.

August 25, 2010:::: PMStudy class 8 AM to 6 PM

August 26, 2010:::: PMStudy class 8 AM to 3 PM, followed by 5 hrs of study at home (all processes and few practice tests provided in the course)

August 27, 2010:::: Reread all the important as marked as instructed by Mike in the PMStudy book. Took 2 practice test ( 200 question, provided by PMStudy). Practiced the Process Chart and formulas 2 times. Checked ITTOs for Risk, Procurement and Quality. Watched a movie.

August 28, 2010:::: Took 1 practice test ( 200 question, provided by PMStudy). Practiced the Process Chart and formulas 1 time. Checked ITTOs for Risk, Procurement and Quality once again. Watched a 2 movies (1 in noon and 1 evening!@home). Got to bed at 10 (As advised by Mike and PMStudy, 12 hrs rest and no study before the exam)

August 29, 2010: Reached the Prometric testing center @ 8:45 AM. Test started at 9:30, completed 1st round with 75 marked for review in 2:15. Then took 1:15 to review all 75 and finally the rest of the time to re-review the marked ones that I was super confused about. System had to force time out for me :o) and then the blank screen came

20 May


Scrum has been successfully used for projects with 500+ team members lots of time. As SCRUM can only last for 15 minutes and some other similar rules hence in order to scale the SCRUM for bigger team we can use SCRUM OF SCRUMS. Based on the type of work the scrum team is constituted for every 7 to 10 team members having a Scrum master and the Product Owner. After the first lever team SCRUMS we have SCRUM of SCRUMS and there could also be more level of SCRUM OF SCRUMS.