• Problem Reframing

    Reframe Problems Before Solving

    I recently understood the importance of reframing the problem before looking into solutions. It helps in creating simple, effective and economical solution in far shorter time. Here are Seven practices for effective reframing of problem in few minutes that I learnt from HBR article: Establish legitimacy: It’s difficult to use reframing if you are the only person in the room who understands the matter. Share this article with your team https://hbr.org/2017/01/are-you-solving-the-right-problems Bring outsiders into the discussion: Someone who works with your team but not part of it. They will think differently and challenge the group’s thinking. People’s definition in writing: This helps in ensuring everyone have the same view and understanding…

  • Social Business

    Social business represents a significant transformational opportunity for organizations. Many companies, after initial forays into external social media, are now realizing the value of applying social approaches, internally as well as externally. Social business can create valued customer experiences, increase workforce productivity and effectiveness and accelerate innovation. But many companies still wrestle with the organizational and cultural challenges posed by these new ways of work. A new IBM Institute for Business Value study, based on responses from more than 1,100 individuals and interviews with more than two dozen executives from leading organizations, reveals how organizations can use social approaches to create meaningful business value. -IBM Institute for Business Value Getting your 100,000th “Like” on Facebook, or having your…

  • Day 2 of MarTech Conference

    Here are my tweet notes from Day 2 of Marketing Technology conference (MarTech) at Boston Tweets about “#martech from:rohitprabhakar since:2014-08-20 until:2014-08-21” Some of good reads from others who attended MarTech. REVIEW OF #MARTECH, THE INAUGURAL MARKETING TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE by CHRISTOPHER S PENN

  • What I learnt on Day 1 of MarTech Conference

    Martech Conference at Boston turned out to be one of the best conference I have ever attended. Here is the recap of what I learnt at MarTech Conference in day 1. I think twitter is a very nice global notebook to take notes. This way you are not selfish to keep the good notes from MarTech to only yourself. Tweets about “#martech from:@rohitprabhakar since:2014-08-19 until:2014-08-20”

  • Why I am attending Marketing Technology Conference

    Marketing Technology Conference  is the first ever event for the practice of Marketing Technologies. I go to many conferences but I never write about them and especially before the conference. Few of my friends have recently inquired me on why I am attending the Marketing Technology Conference and what are the benefits I see by attending Marketing Technology Conference (MarTech Conference). The first Marketing Technology Conference (MarTech Conference) is very special for me as it is about my passion and it is a conference that I was praying for few years now. So this is my attempt to share with you why I am attending Marketing Technology Conference (MarTech Conference) and why you may also…