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14 Jul

Chief Marketing Technology Officer

Chief Marketing Technology Officer

If you want to read about the role of chief marketing technology officer (CMTO) here are some of the best resources in order of my preference:

30 Jun

Digital Tipping Point from McKinsey – Digitization


The digitization efforts across organizations around the globe are picking up momentum. A report from McKinsey came out today sharing how the efforts around digital are gaining steam. It shows that we are making a good progress around digital as an industry trend around digitization. Here are few of the key takeaways about digitization from the report:

  • Executives say their CEOs are more involved in digital efforts than ever before and that their enterprises are now investing enough to meet their overall digital goals.
  • The future spending on digital will increase, and that a large portion of future company growth will be driven by digital efforts. But organizational challenges and a dearth of talent are common, significant hurdles that prevent companies from scaling up their digital efforts or seeing clear returns on their investments. So are limited accountability and a poor understanding of potential value.
  • Expectations for growth are highest at companies that pursue digital to create new business.
  • Executives expect the largest share of their digital growth in the coming years will be from digital customer engagement, followed closely by the digital innovation of products, operating models, or business models.

    Digital customer engagement is paramount in both strategy and spending.

    Digital customer engagement is paramount in both strategy and spending.

  • Larger companies (those with annual revenues of $1 billion or more) in particular are struggling with unsuitable organizational structures and inflexible business processes.
  • Many executives also agree that digital talent remains a trouble area for their organizations. Only one-third of respondents say at least one in ten of their employees spends any time working on digital projects.

You can read the complete report on McKinsey

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27 Jun

How is Corporate using Social Media

  • 94% of Corporates use social media in some capacity.
  • 75% saw an increase in website traffic.
  • 58% use it for Lead Generation
  • Favorite social sites are Facebook (92%), Twitter (82%), LinkedIn (73%) and blogs (61%).
  • 58% of Fortune 500 companies had Facebook pages in 2011, 62% had Twitter accounts.

All the details and infographic are available at  MBA Programs

Social Media is Going Corporate
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18 Dec

Milk: The biggest driver of impulsive buying in FMCG

As per recent study by Nielsen, nothing has more power to drive consumers to the store than milk (59% of instances), closely followed by pet food (56%) and baby food (52%).

And it is true in case of our family. Every time we go to buy milk it always costs us more than $30-$40. We always come back with many other things, what we all call “impulsive buying”.


Source: Nielsen

Source: Nielsen

22 May

Top 5 successful b-to-b media properties

The top properties in media power that you cannot forget in B2B space. These properties topped the list of successful b-to-b media properties in providing targeted, engaging content, they could build audiences and attract advertisers.

  1. The Wall Street Journal
  2. Google
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Bloomberg Businessweek
  5. Forbes

Read more about these 5 and other 45 on B2B Magazine’s BtoB’s 2013 Media Power 50 special report

06 Apr

Are you still thinking about going Mobile or responsive?

Are you still thinking about going Mobile? Are you still thinking if your company should adopt mobile / responsive design as part of your strategy?

Almost 50% of US population is already using Smartphone. It is projected that there will be 222.4 million Smartphone users by 2017 which is a whopping 67.8% of US population.

mobile strategy

Are you still thinking about going Mobile or responsive? Read and think once again Smile

05 Apr

What is Rand Fishkin (MOZ) upto?

What is Rand Fishkin upto? There seems to be a top secret project MOZ going on from SEOMOZ. MOZ blog is already up and running. What I can see from the current home page message they are definitely going to join the inbound marketing business. I am looking forward for this launch as I am interested to see their offering in the space of inbound marketing. I am a follower of Rand Fishkin awesome work in the SEO space. Good wishes to Rand Fishkin!