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  • SCRUM: Scalability by SCRUM OF SCRUMS

    Scrum has been successfully used for projects with 500+ team members lots of time. As SCRUM can only last for 15 minutes and some other similar rules hence in order to scale the SCRUM for bigger team we can use SCRUM OF SCRUMS. Based on the type of work the scrum team is constituted for every 7 to 10 team members having a Scrum master and the Product Owner. After the first lever team SCRUMS we have SCRUM of SCRUMS and there could also be more level of SCRUM OF SCRUMS.

  • Software Development Methodologies

    As these days I am writing about Scrum which is one of the agile methodologies, I though it could be nice if I can also list the other popular software development methodologies. Image via Wikipedia I have listed all these and also linked them to wiki as it has one of the very good definitions and details about every agile methodology. Once I am done with the Scrum series I will touch the other ones. Hope this helps! Agile Cleanroom Iterative RAD RUP Spiral Waterfall Lean V-Model TDD

  • SCRUM:Some facts and resources

    Other facts about Scrum The scrum methodology originated in 1993 at Easel Corp by Jeff Sutherland Ken Schwaber presented Scrum at OOPSLA 96 with Sutherland Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn Co-founded Scrum Alliance in 2002 Used by all major companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, Siemens, John Deere, Time Warner, Turner Broadcasting, BBC and many more.. Used for software projects, life critical system, mobile phones, websites, Satellite controlled soft wares, support projects