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Online Safety Tips

On October 31, 2013 By

Here are the top five most popular online safety tips from Google Blog:

Add 2-step verification to keep the bad guys out of your Google account. Use a password to secure your router. Avoid malware—review permissions and ratings before installing a new app.

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Came across a very good article on what not to do when designing emails for marketing campaigns. Here are the key points that we should avoid in order to create optimized email templates for better conversions.

Don’t use a word processor to compose email templates Don’t ignore web-standards for HTML Don’t use CSS [...]

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You recently upgraded your wordpress and you are unable to access you admin area! Every time you to access anything related to admin it will add some words to the URL and take you to a 404 (Not Found error message ) page. This is one of the wordpress upgrade problems that you may encounter.


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Google has announced on their Developers Blog that the Feedburner APIs will be shut down on 10/20/2012. This means that the API will be discontinued but the product will still be there. For an end user the effect is zero but for the publisher this means you will not have a [...]

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Today Seth Godin wrote a wonderful post on how it becomes impossible for the rep to care about a customer call in a company where there is top down structure for customer service.

“When organizations take away all flexibility and power from their frontline employees, they’re depriving the people with the highest leverage from doing [...]

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Set your Twitter account name in your settings to use the TwitterBar Section.