Today Seth Godin wrote a wonderful post on how it becomes impossible for the rep to care about a customer call in a company where there is top down structure for customer service.

“When organizations take away all flexibility and power from their frontline employees, they’re depriving the people with the highest leverage from doing the most important thing: caring.” – Seth Godin

Same is very true at every place where customer its being serviced and especially on the web. There are so many times when customer experience and customer satisfaction takes back seat due to either the business or the technology side. The business wants to adopt all the latest and greatest being offered in the social marketing space to be ahead of the competitor who just launched a new design, app or social tool; while on the same note IT wants to implement and learn the latest technology in the space. In both the cases these decisions are taken with respect to the goal/objective of the senior management. Nothing bad with it except during the whole course of these decisions and implementations we forget about the customer that we are primarily responsible to serve. CSAT scores are left aside and the repeated advise from the frontline staff is ignored because we all are inflexibly focused in making the objective of our seniors come true. I wish we all can think about customer first and we can educate our leaders to think customer first!

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