18 Oct

Be careful, Your iPad or iPhone can be in your Neighbor's house

Be careful, Your iPad or iPhone can be in your Neighbor’s house.. that is how Apple’s Find My iPhone application shows. While sitting in my home I tried to test this app and my iPad is in my Neighbor’s house as per this app. I know the gps locations cannot be so accurate but I am sharing this to share that next time you loose your iPad or iPhone, think before you knock your neighbor’s door LOL

My Ipad Not in My House

My Ipad Not in My House

22 May

Top 5 successful b-to-b media properties

The top properties in media power that you cannot forget in B2B space. These properties topped the list of successful b-to-b media properties in providing targeted, engaging content, they could build audiences and attract advertisers.

  1. The Wall Street Journal
  2. Google
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Bloomberg Businessweek
  5. Forbes

Read more about these 5 and other 45 on B2B Magazine’s BtoB’s 2013 Media Power 50 special report

17 May

Limitations are self imposed

Thomas Edison states, “When a man makes up his mind to solve any problem he may at first meet with opposition; but if he holds on and keeps on searching, he will be sure to find some sort of solution. The trouble with most people is that they quit before they start.”

Limitations are self imposed. Master yourself and next master the world.

-while reading Napolean Hill’s book

06 Apr

Are you still thinking about going Mobile or responsive?

Are you still thinking about going Mobile? Are you still thinking if your company should adopt mobile / responsive design as part of your strategy?

Almost 50% of US population is already using Smartphone. It is projected that there will be 222.4 million Smartphone users by 2017 which is a whopping 67.8% of US population.

mobile strategy

Are you still thinking about going Mobile or responsive? Read and think once again Smile

05 Apr

What is Rand Fishkin (MOZ) upto?

What is Rand Fishkin upto? There seems to be a top secret project MOZ going on from SEOMOZ. MOZ blog is already up and running. What I can see from the current home page message they are definitely going to join the inbound marketing business. I am looking forward for this launch as I am interested to see their offering in the space of inbound marketing. I am a follower of Rand Fishkin awesome work in the SEO space. Good wishes to Rand Fishkin!