15 Sep

Success Plan: Tuesday Morning Coaching

“In just 2 days of reading the chapter “Focus inside the boat” I have seen a big change in myself as I always thought the time management is a skill that I need to work on. But the reality was I need to learn attention management!”

This book is among the top ten books in my reading list. Every chapter is worth reading and especially the one which asks to focus inside the boat. This book is must read for anyone who looks forward to improve in all domains of life. Anyone who is going through some professional or personal challenges must read it right now!

Here are the eight lessons that the books shares as a Sucess Plan:

  1. No matter what – I accept responsibility and move forward.
  2. And then some – I give what is expected and then some.
  3. Consider it done- I am consistent and dependable
  4. Above all else- I adhere to my values
  5. From now on- I learn from my mistakes and welcome change
  6. See it, feel it, trust it, do it – I am a champion goal setter
  7. Focus inside the boat- I manage my attention and defeat procrastination
  8. Knowledge is power – I am a lifelong learner

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08 Jun

6 Lessons from Jack Welch's – Straight from the Gut

  1. Control your destiny or someone else will
  2. Face reality as it is
  3. Be candid with everyone
  4. Don’t manage, Lead
  5. Change before you have to
  6. If you don’t have competitive advantage don’t compete
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11 May

SCRUM: What are the different Roles?

Scrum has 3 type of roles

Product Owner

A Product Owner compiles all the changes planned for the product and prioritizes the possible functionalities. – “Scrum in five minutes” by SOFTHOUSE

26 Mar

The Future of Creative Advertisement

It was beyond my imagination to understand the new wave of advertisement that is taking shape right now. I have never thought how social media can be used in the media ads. This was clearly evident as I surfed the following two state of the technology ads:

Harley davidson

Both of these adds almost like websites with interactive video, games, photo and gallery. At the very same time these were seamlessly integrated with twitter and facebook. The huge number of hits that these ads gathered is evident of the fact that a revolution in the field of marketing is going to take place soon as the technologies are more available to achieve the same now.

I read this exiting story at google blog by Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management.

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