26 Jan

Never Give Up your dream

Why? Read this powerful real life story that I have read in many books. Here is the story from book “Think & Grow Rich” in section named “Three Feet & Fifty Cents”

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another.

An uncle of RU Darby was caught by the

15 Jan

California Has More Than 99% Chance Of A Big Earthquake

California Has More Than 99% Chance Of A Big Earthquake WIthin 30 Years, Report Shows

ScienceDaily (2008-04-15) —

California has more than a 99% chance of having a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake within the next 30 years, according scientists using a new model to determine the probability of big quakes. The likelihood of a major quake of magnitude 7.5 or greater in the next 30 years is 46% – and such a quake is most likely to occur in the southern half of the state.

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01 Nov

City of ten thousand buddhas

Today I went to Ukiah a town on 101, north bound from Petaluma. It is around 70 miles from here with a beautiful drive. The best part is the scenery that I will rate as best in the north bay. The other unique factor is the cycle lane on the freeway which is a unique thing to that part of 101.
Once we reached there we came to know about the place called city of ten thousand buddhas. This is a spiritual budha’s place which accomodates a library, university, school, temple, restaurant. the best part of the place is a huge number of peacocks (maybe 100 approximately) in the campus area. We went to the prayer area and the restaurant to get the best of the volunteer service. I strongly rate this place as highly recommended. .