04 Nov

Google Maps Navigation

Beta of Google Maps Navigation is out and is another wonderful technology by Google. It  is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is  available for phones with Android 2.0. The best past it is totally free and is going to change the face of the navigation marketing. I wonder what will all mobile companies and others do as they charge monthly fees for navigation services.  This service uses the phone’s internet and directly communicates to cloud of resources giving most accurate and latest data. The other good part is the voice enable search which is pretty impressive and best I have seen ever.

Watch the below video to learn more.

03 Nov

BlackSn0w: iPhone OS 3.1.2 unlock

So finally it is here and it is wonderful. BlackSn0w is so easy to do and play. Geohot is  a real genius. Please go to the following links:


T0 download go to: http://blackra1n.com/

Key factors:

  • No need to pay anyone for unlock
  • Supports both windows and mac
  • Unlocks all versions of iphone
  • Supports the latest baseband and 3Gs too.
  • FREE! FREE! FREE!!!!!!!
01 Nov

HTC TOUCH PRO 2: Worth trying?

I currently have a touch pro from htc and I am confused if I should upgrade to htc touch pro 2? Recently I got a chance to try iPhone for few days and found that it is worth buying. iPhone has a strong app store that makes life so much easier. Other key advantage iPhone is the size of screen, no need of stylus, overall size and weight. Above all the price of iPhone with 2 year contract is in itself a big factor that goes in favor.
I am completly confused and would seek your advise. Please contribute your thoughts here.