13 Jan

Happy Lohri!!

Lohri is one of the most popular festivals in India and especially the North. It is marked with Bonfire in the open at night. The whole family/neighborhood get together at a single place, light up a bonfire and eat sweets (Gachak, rewari etc.) and roasted peanut. The festival is a celebration to get a good harvest of wheat as it is the winter crop in North India.

The festival is commenced by offering the sweets, peanuts and popcorn to the fire (God Agni).

07 Jan

links for 2010-01-06

04 Jan

Chandigarh: useful links

02 Jan

Resolutions for 2010: Let’s make a better world!

Hi Friends as the 2010 has started with the feeling of a fresh new decade let’s share some of our resolutions that will impact others and help in making a better world.

I will followup this note with my resolutions as they are still in the process of cooking. I will truly appreciate your comments and I believe that no resolution is small or big as all take strength and and attitude to fulfill.