12 May

Eclipse: How to fix OutOfMemoryExceptions or just for performance improvement.

I would suggest the following changes to your eclipse environment. Please go to the eclipse shortcut and open the properties. In the Target just after the path to the .exe copy the machine specific arguments.

RECOMMENDED ARGUMENTS (you can play with the exact numbers based on your machine configuration)


-vmargs -Xms512m -Xmx512m -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m



12 Feb

Spring Framework Basics

Today I was asked by few of my colleagues to give a brief introduction about Spring Framework. I created this presentation and hope this is also able to help you. Comments are appreciated!
Here is some more code if you would like to understnad how can a class can be injected and used in other class.
Changes Made:
  1. Added: PrintMe.java
  2. Changed: HelloWorldImpl2.java, applicationContext.xml

Scenario: Use another class

06 Feb

Sun in Oracle!

Things are becoming more clear about the takeover of Sun by Oracle (Don’t worry the Sun will still shine). The world’s most popular programming language is surely going to live and evolve but, Sun cloud is no more a story but  a history!

Detailed story

A very good post on the acquisition 5 Opportunities and 3 Threats for Oracle. Must read!!

03 Feb

How to run ant build file from eclipse (if no ANT option in RUN)

If you have some version of MyEclipse (Enterprise Workbench 6.6.0) which has no option to run a build file with ANT and you are confused on how to run the build in the eclipse, please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the project
  2. Select build_XXX.xml
  3. Go to “Run As” icon and click “Open External Tools Dialog…”
  4. A new pop-up window for External Tools will appear with an option “Ant Build”
  5. Right click on “Ant Build” and click on option “New”
  6. A new ANT build task will be created and will look like the following
  7. Go to “Properties” tab and deselect option “Use global properties as specified in the Ant runtime preferences”
  8. Create a new file “[SomeName].properties” and write the required build properties into it.
  9. Click on “Add External…” and select the file created in step 8.
  10. The pop-up window will look like the following.
  11. Click on APPLY
  12. Click on RUN
  13. Check Console for any errors or Success message
16 Dec

Java Tiger (Java 5) is a history

Java Tiger (Java 5) is a history now after one more release from the sun, now we have Java 6. Sun has finally announced the availability of Java Standard Edition 6‘ final release.

The new release has an improved JIT, with better runtime analysis. This has been well tested and agreed upon by the users of the pre-release version. Those who used the pre-release version have put the improvement in performance between 5%- 24%. The new release also has dynamic language support as now it comes with JavaScript engine (Netscape’s Rhino) and support for many other scripting languages like Ruby, Python.

For the guys who are working with the rich clients, the new release has splash screen, system tray support etc.

The new Java6 profilers and debuggers can now attach to a running JVM without specifically using a debugging-capable configuration. For example, if a problem is found at run-time for a production server, a debugger can attach to it without restarting the server, a valuable feature for issues that show up after the server has been running for a long period. This is a great feature for the guys in the enterprise community.

You can read more in detail at http://java.sun.com/javase/6/

Happy Programming!