16 Sep

Difference between Leadership and Management

Management: Set of processes that aim to take an organization and make it functional as it was designed for.The processes like planning, budgeting, organizing, customer relationship, sales, automation, staffing, problem solving etc. Leadership: The ultimate aim of leadership is to visualize and effectively lead the organization to the next level. Processes like creating the vision of future, strategy to get there, communicate to people in a way that they buy into it and motivate those people to implement it, create and update the systems that managers use to manage. Hopefully you will not confuse the both with each other now and be sure that when recruiting for senior executive positions you are just not hiring managers but more importantly Leaders too!

08 Jun

6 Lessons from Jack Welch's – Straight from the Gut

  1. Control your destiny or someone else will
  2. Face reality as it is
  3. Be candid with everyone
  4. Don’t manage, Lead
  5. Change before you have to
  6. If you don’t have competitive advantage don’t compete
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07 Feb

Nice startup links for Project Management

Here are some nice startup links for project management. If you are beginner to project management you will find these resources very useful