16 Feb

Best iphone gps app, Motion X gps drive review

Forget about all those 50$ plus or 10$ monthly recurring charge navigation apps for your iphone. For last many months I was in a fix to either buy a new GPS device for my car or to buy some android phone in order to run Google Navigation. Being a iphone fan it was not an easy decision to choose out from the available options and especially to switch to an android for Google navigation. I finalized a quite a good number of gps devices like “TomTom GO 740 Live”, “Garmin Nuvi 1690” and “TomTom XL 340 S”.

Finally I got a very nice app that was just 0.99$ and seemed to be brilliant. I wrote to the app company with some questions and they were very quick to respond back. I finally moved ahead and bought this app and in just few moments the app was on my iphone. It was very quick and easy to install and start.

I was in my office and I entered a rough address of the hotel where I was staying. It was quick in finding the exact location from the cloud and suggested me a route. This app is known by the name of MotionX gps drive by Fullpower. It has a wonderful features and usability.

22 Jan

Nokia Navigation, Free Forever!!

After google now it is Nokia! Nokia has just announced that the Nokia navigation is free FOREVER and that too in over 70 countries. The site boasts of the following features:

Mobile navigation for everyone

Ovi Maps takes you where you want to be and shows you what you want see, with navigable maps for over 70 countries worldwide. All this with only one click. And it’s all free.

  • Free Drive navigation
  • Free Walk navigation
  • Free maps and map updates
  • Free Events guides
  • Free Lonely Planet guides

The application for your PC is also available where you can work on the maps and then transfer all the data to phone and use it. The key features are:

Register to ovi.com to plan your trips online and copy your favourite places and routes to Ovi Maps on your mobile.

  • Sync with Maps on your mobile
  • Find places
  • Favourites
  • Plan routes
  • Traffic information
  • Lonely Planet & Michelin guides

Is this a beginning of a new era of all free gps navigation. No doubts, the future is going to to be tough for GPS companies like Garmin…..

22 Jan

iPhone GPS apps

04 Nov

Google Maps Navigation

Beta of Google Maps Navigation is out and is another wonderful technology by Google. It  is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is  available for phones with Android 2.0. The best past it is totally free and is going to change the face of the navigation marketing. I wonder what will all mobile companies and others do as they charge monthly fees for navigation services.  This service uses the phone’s internet and directly communicates to cloud of resources giving most accurate and latest data. The other good part is the voice enable search which is pretty impressive and best I have seen ever.

Watch the below video to learn more.