09 Feb

Valentine’s day 2010, my idea of a gift

This Valentine as per me the best gift for my girl is my all time favorites chocolate, teddy bear and some nice decent precious gift. I spent a lot of time finding out what is the best that I will like to go for.  So here is what I finally settled with:

  • Chocolates (of-course Godiva is my all time favorite). It is a Sweet Heart Gift Set, featuring a plush Valentino the Bear and a 19 pc. Valentine’s Day Ballotin. Valentino the Bear is a snow-white, silky-soft cuddler with “Godiva 2010″ embroidered on his paw, a red bow at his neck, and an organza bag filled with 8 foil-wrapped milk chocolate hearts.  I know my wife will surely like this as she has always loved eating chocolates from Godiva.
  • A very decent gift (let her decide what she will choose). She can choose from array of especially indulgent gifts and brands that pamper, like Nick & Nora®, Woodstock Chimes®, Yankee Candle®, Upper Canada®, and Homedics®.
22 Jan

Nokia Navigation, Free Forever!!

After google now it is Nokia! Nokia has just announced that the Nokia navigation is free FOREVER and that too in over 70 countries. The site boasts of the following features:

Mobile navigation for everyone

Ovi Maps takes you where you want to be and shows you what you want see, with navigable maps for over 70 countries worldwide. All this with only one click. And it’s all free.

  • Free Drive navigation
  • Free Walk navigation
  • Free maps and map updates
  • Free Events guides
  • Free Lonely Planet guides

The application for your PC is also available where you can work on the maps and then transfer all the data to phone and use it. The key features are:

Register to ovi.com to plan your trips online and copy your favourite places and routes to Ovi Maps on your mobile.

  • Sync with Maps on your mobile
  • Find places
  • Favourites
  • Plan routes
  • Traffic information
  • Lonely Planet & Michelin guides

Is this a beginning of a new era of all free gps navigation. No doubts, the future is going to to be tough for GPS companies like Garmin…..

20 Jan

Aal Izz Well

Two weeks back I watched 3Idiots. Wonderful Movie! By far it is the third best movie I liked from Aamir Khan’s catalog after “Taare Zameen Par” and “Sarfarosh“. It is a must watch and as other movies from Aamir Khan this one also has a good social message.

Here is the song that everyone is singing…..even few of my friends have changed their IM status to “Aal Izz Well”

18 Jan

Haiti, American Red Cross and Technology

It is very impressive to see the American Red Cross using web technology extensively to reach the world with the latest news and messages bulletins. The newsroom of the American Red Cross is constantly updating with the latest news, messages. They have put the technology to the right use by distributing the information at the same time and not waiting for the media to print it after a lapse of few hours or even a day.

The updates coming out of the site are beneficial for both the victims and the donors. Here are two of the updates

As of Sunday morning, more than 21,600 people had registered with a special Red Cross Web site to help people search for their loved ones. The Web site of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) enables people in Haiti and abroad to search for and register the names of relatives missing since the earthquake. The web address is: www.icrc.org/familylinks. People in Haiti are registering to let their loved ones know they are safe and well.

The damage is extensive, and we know that this is going to be a massive and costly long-term recovery operation.

  • As of January 16, the American Red Cross has raised more than $87 million for relief efforts. We know that we are going to spend much more than that to help the people of Haiti. The Red Cross has already released $10 million for Haiti relief efforts, and will be adding more. Future allocations will be made once we know more about the situation on the ground in Haiti and the greatest needs for both the short and long term.
  • Terrible times like these bring out the best in people, and we are grateful for the support being given to the American Red Cross.
  • People can donate in support of the relief effort in Haiti at www.redcross.org or by calling 1-800-REDCROSS. Mobile donors can text “Haiti” to 90999 to make a $10 contribution.

Source: American Red Cross

If unfortunately you are a victim or a relative/ friend of a victim please go to http://www.familylinks.icrc.org/WFL_HTI.NSF/DocIndex/locate_eng?opendocument

15 Jan

California Has More Than 99% Chance Of A Big Earthquake

California Has More Than 99% Chance Of A Big Earthquake WIthin 30 Years, Report Shows

ScienceDaily (2008-04-15) —

California has more than a 99% chance of having a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake within the next 30 years, according scientists using a new model to determine the probability of big quakes. The likelihood of a major quake of magnitude 7.5 or greater in the next 30 years is 46% – and such a quake is most likely to occur in the southern half of the state.

read complete story….

13 Jan

Haiti Earthquake

The strongest earthquake in more than 200 years rocked Haiti today. The magnitude was 7.0 on the Richter scale. Even after this powerful quake there has been two more after shocks measuring more than 5 on the Richter scale.

“The American Red Cross is pledging an initial $200,000 to assist communities impacted by this earthquake, and is prepared to take further action as local responders assess the situation. As with most earthquakes, we expect to see immediate needs for food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support.

The American Red Cross is accepting donations through our International Response Fund.”

Source: Red Cross

Meanwhile a Tsunami watch is in effect for Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas and Dominican Republic.

Source: NWS

13 Jan

Is Economy recovering? The BLS report suggests something different.

The economic news released by bureau of labor statistics today i.e. Tuesday, January 12, 2010 has something very different and opposite to what most of us are thinking. As per all the current news and posts the economy is recovering but it seems it must be recovering on some specific segments. There are less than 50% jobs for the officially unemployed 15.3 million US citizens.

 Job Openings and Labor Turnover – November 2009

There were 2.4 million job openings on the last business day of
November 2009, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The
job openings rate was little changed over the month at 1.8 percent.
The openings rate has held relatively steady since March 2009. The
hires rate (3.2 percent) and the separations rate (3.3 percent) were
essentially unchanged in November. This release includes estimates of
the number and rate of job openings, hires, and separations for the
total nonfarm sector by industry and geographic region.

Job Openings

The job openings rate was little changed in November at 1.8 percent.
After falling steeply from mid-2007 through February 2009, the job
openings rate has been steady at 1.8 percent or 1.9 percent since
March 2009. The number of job openings fell by 2.3 million from the
most recent peak in June 2007 to April 2009 but has declined by only
98,000 since. The job openings rate was essentially unchanged in all
industries and all four regions in November.

Read the detailed report at bls website.