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SCRUM Series

On May 24, 2010 By

In last few days I have compiled some information on SCRUM in separate articles. Here is the consolidation of all the links:

Scrum: An Introduction to this simple-powerful agile methodology Scrum: Characteristics and what is sprint?

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Scrum has been successfully used for projects with 500+ team members lots of time. As SCRUM can only last for 15 minutes and some other similar rules hence in order to scale the SCRUM for bigger team we can use SCRUM OF SCRUMS. Based on the type of work the scrum team is constituted for [...]

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As these days I am writing about Scrum which is one of the agile methodologies, I though it could be nice if I can also list the other popular software development methodologies.


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Other facts about Scrum

The scrum methodology originated in 1993 at Easel Corp by Jeff Sutherland Ken Schwaber presented Scrum at OOPSLA 96 with Sutherland Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn Co-founded Scrum Alliance in 2002 Used by all [...]

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SCRUM: Artifacts

On May 14, 2010 By

Product Backlog

The product backlog is a document that contains the list of all desired work on the project. All these entries have an overall description, priority based on business value and rough estimates specified. This document is owned by the Product Owner and [...]

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Image by alandd via Flickr Sprint Planning Meeting Planning must be done at the beginning of every sprint cycle. Team selects items from the product backlog they can commit to completing Sprint backlog is created by the entire team. Tasks are identified and each [...]

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Scrum has 3 type of roles

Product Owner

A Product Owner compiles all the changes planned for the product and prioritizes the possible functionalities. – “Scrum in five minutes” by SOFTHOUSE

Product Owner defines the features of the product and also sets the priority Product Owner decides the release [...]

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Characteristics of Scrum

Scrum is one of the “agile processes” Teams are self organizing in Scrum Scrum teams do a little of everything all the time rather than doing all of one thing at a time. Scrum are a series of two- to [...]

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Scrum is a simple agile development methodology through which we can manage complex projects. Scrum allows rapidly and repeated inspection of actual working product (at least once a month or twice) hence provides ability for the project [...]

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