08 Jun

WAS, How to fix: Application already exists in the configuration repository

Application already exists in the configuration repository

If you are getting this error it means that you have screwed you Websphere Application Server application to a very good extend that now you cannot deploy or un-deploy that particular application.

In order to fix this issue we need to do a manual process of deleting the application


  1. Stop the Websphere Application Server
  2. Do a search for your ear file in the file system and delete all the occurrences of the XXX.ear folder
  3. Once we deleted these entire XXX.ear folders, delete all the contents of temp and wstemp folder.
  4. Now go to WAS_INSTALL_DIRprofiles<profileName>defaultconfigcells<cellName>nodes<nodeName>
  5. Edit the file serverindex.xml for an entry for our application within the tag
  6. Restart the Websphere Application Server
  7. Redeploy the application to the Websphere Application Server
19 Mar

Address already in use: NET_Bind, ORBX0390E on WAS

On WebSphere Application Server (WAS) if you are getting a similar error

ORBX0390E: Cannot create listener thread. Exception=[ > java.net.BindException: Address already in use: NET_Bind ].

The port to be used by the WAS is being used by some other service. Please check which application is using the port and kill the process or restart your machine.

For more information go to:


27 Feb

How the Start or Stop a IBM Websphere Profile

Using: WAS 6.1, Eclipse 2.31.1, Windows XP


Start > All Programs > Websphere Installation > Profiles

Start: Select “Start the Server”

Stop: Select “Stop the Server”


Go to: Configure Server

From Servers select Websphere 6.1

Specify Websphere Home Directory, which should point to the “AppServer” location

Specify the required Profile

Specify the Node Name

Press Apply

Press OK

Start: Select “Start”

Stop: Select “Stop”


Start: startServer [serverName] -profile [profileName]

Stop: stopServer [serverName] -profile [profileName]

26 Feb

How to Use WAS profiles to create multiple independent user configurations: IBM Websphere

How to Use WAS profiles to create multiple independent user configurations sharing the same install binaries. This is almost like having multiple servers.

Server: IBM Websphere Application Server 6.1

Tool Used: Use the Profile Management Tool

Note: WAS instances in version 5 are Profiles in v 6

In WAS 6 files are divided into 2 parts Product files and User Data. Hence in order to have multiple instances for different purposed we can have separate User Data sets and these are called as profiles in WAS 6.

By doing this you escape the need of installing multiple servers on the same machine and especially in development environment you can easily control which profile to start (saves lot of resources)

The command is in the following directory:

<was_root>/bin/pmt.sh on UNIX/LINUX

<was_root>binpmt.bat for WINDOIWS

Select “Application Server”

Click “Next”

Select “Advanced Profile Creation”

Don’t Deploy Default Application

Provide an appropriate Name and the default location of the profile

Select the option ” Create the server using development template” if you are not deploying this to a production server and for dev purpose else keep this unchecked.

Give a node name or keep it as it is

Change the Host name to the network name of the server if required

Don’t Select “Enable Administrative Security”

Change the port values as required. (Don’t forget to keep a copy of the port number assigned)

Unselect the “Run the application server process as window service” if you want to have a manual control on the server. As I am using this in development environment I don’t want my server to eat all resources on startup.

Skip this screen

Press “Create”

Select “Launch the first steps console” and verify the profile.

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