Business leader should be a Psychologist

There is huge difference in financial success and success. Financial success is far less dependent on hard work and knowledge than it is on the ability to lead and motivate people. Bill Gates would not have been Bill Gates if had not lead and motivate team Microsoft. If he had continued with just hard work he would have been another IT Consultant. I have seen many people moving very fast in their early careers because of their knowledge and then getting stagnant. The reason is very simple, they donot know the art of multiplying themselves as Mr. Ray knew. We all know Ray for the McDonalds around because he was able to multiply himself very sucessfully.

For lower levels in career promotions are all based on knowledge but as we move higher in the ladder it is more and more dependent on human relations. For a manager it is 50% each but for a CEO it is close to 80% of only human relation skills rather than knowledge of Java, concrete or thread. The German poet Goethe observed “the greatest genius will not be worth much if he pretends to draw exclusively from his own resources.” most of us ignore this law and try to do the impossible and hence remain unsucessful.

All great leaders have been master is understanding and motivating people rather then being expert in their knowledge. They practicised this as they knew they had subject matter experts in their team who can take care of everything once ignited. Such leaders know the art to inspire others and get the best out of others.
Remember Charles Schwab said ” I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among the men the greatest asset I possess, and any leader who can do that can go almost anywhere and name almost any price.” I have personally practised this for last many years both at work and life and always had outstanding results!

iphone jailbroken? ikee is never going to give you up..

ikee is never going to give you upThe first worm to infect the Apple iPhone has been discovered spreading “in the wild” in Australia.

The self-propagating program changes the phone’s wallpaper to a picture of 80s singer Rick Astley with the message “ikee is never going to give you up”.

The worm, known as ikee, only affects “jail-broken” phones, where a user has removed Apple’s protection mechanisms to allow the phone to run any software.

How to fix:

change ssh password for iphone
change ssh password for iphone

First off, fire up Cydia and download an application called MobileTerminal. It’s nice and small so shouldn’t take too long. Once downloaded launch it and you’ll be faced with a screen very much like the screenshot over on the left. It’s basically a terminal window just like OS X and linux.

Now just enter the command:


Now you’ll be asked for your old password which should be ‘alpine’, followed by your new one (twice). Nice and simple.

After this your jailbroken iphone is little more secure as it will be not easy fo anyone to install anything on your iphone now.

The Benefits of VOIP!!

The benefits of technology and lowering of costs across all industries due to globalization is totally evident in the falling costs of communication. I remember few years ago it used to cost a huge amount to call India from USA. Reliance used to be the major player and rest were some shady calling cards.

With the advent of new companies like Vonage, reliable calling, airtel callhome and many others it is really becoming better and better. But the better news is that it is really getting cheaper and cheaper! I recently bough a Vonage connection and it is free calling to almost 50+ countries. My mom who is visiting me from India is having a great time in getting touch with her friends. I never have to worry about the bill getting inflated…all thanks to Technology and globalization!

With a ongoing scheme from Vonage you can even get 2 months of free calling. Use the code (7072351994) at this link to get the offer of Free unlimited International calling to over 60 countries including India, Mexico and Canada.

Google Maps Navigation

Beta of Google Maps Navigation is out and is another wonderful technology by Google. It  is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is  available for phones with Android 2.0. The best past it is totally free and is going to change the face of the navigation marketing. I wonder what will all mobile companies and others do as they charge monthly fees for navigation services.  This service uses the phone’s internet and directly communicates to cloud of resources giving most accurate and latest data. The other good part is the voice enable search which is pretty impressive and best I have seen ever.

Watch the below video to learn more.