Leading Digital Transformation (Step 7)- Sustain Acceleration

At this stage, all successful digital programs already have huge momentum. Frequent small wins and the guiding coalition is working in the favor of digital transformation to move to next big and bold things that are right for the organization. At this stage the digital transformation program is already generating some clear ROI hence you can feel confident about bringing necessary changes to accelerate the program.

This is the best time to change systems, structures, and policies that don’t align with the vision that you have for the organization. If you can find efficiencies in your organization this is the best time to make those moves and restructure your team. Also hire, promote and develop employees who can implement your vision. This is also a right time to reinvigorate the process with new projects and teams.

Some of my personal favorites at this stage are:

  • Get your long-term plan for build and maintain phase pitched and approved.
  • Setup bigger change mediums like digital Center of Excellence for internal consulting and engaging more internal customers so that ROI of the digital transformation program can be further enhanced
  • Pitch next big digital projects. This will also help to ensure that digital continues to be a priority for C-level
  • As ROI become more and more critical and the center point of your operating model, engage with business functions and help them understand how the services of your digital teams can be leveraged by their teams to generate more business, customer satisfaction etc. Help them plan for the next fiscal year using all this information.


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