Enabling Intelligent Marketing

My Keynote presentation from NASSCOM MARTECH Confluence 2017 on the topic of Digital Transformation: Enabling Intelligent Marketing.

Drawing the Technology Landscape for Intelligent Marketing

A hype-free overview of intelligent technologies for marketing. This session will also cover the uses, ROI and challenges of these technologies.


Generate Short Term wins

Leading Digital Transformation (Step 6)- Generate short-term wins

Consistently produce, track, evaluate and celebrate volumes of small and large accomplishments – and correlate them to results of the digital transformation.

“Track your small wins to motivate big accomplishments.” – Teresa Amabile

Generate Short Term wins
Generate Short Term wins

Motivation is critical to leading digital transformation or any other big change. Motivation comes from organizational momentum that comes from a combination of Digital action and continuous small or big wins at regular intervals.

Digital Transformation Momentum= Digital Action X (Short-Term Wins)

Here are some of my key lessons learnt on generating short-term wins and fueling the big change of digital transformation:

Communicate Wins/Results in Sesame Street terms

One of my very good friend and colleague always says, keep it so simple that even your grandmother can understand. We all love complex analytics/numbers especially when it comes to declaring results but it is very important that we use sesame street simple analytics/numbers/terminology that our stakeholders can easily understand.

“Don’t leave your results at the mercy of interpretation”

Spotlight Early Adopters and Advertise the(ir) wins!

This is probably one of my biggest ingredients to the success of Digital Transformation. In the early days of digital transformation once I have preliminary small wins, I encourage and bring our key business stakeholders on the stage/phone/meetings to share their journey, story and wins. This generated authentic excitement among other stakehodlers and motivation to be part of digital transformation. This way I found more partners who want to co-create those short-term win and success stories.

Replicate success at other places/projects/teams

Once I have a tested formula to make business impact in one area/group, immediately I try to find other areas of opportunity to apply that knowledge. This helps in creating more success stories in more areas/groups. As more short-term wins/success stories come in especially from different groups, bigger momentum around digital transformation is created. This leads to a long lasting change at a far faster pace!

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UFO or NASA drones?

I am curious about UFOs but I never write such articles but what we saw tonight makes me curious to share it with all of you. These may be a personal flying drone, drone or may be a UFO.

Today 8/13/2014 between 9:10-9:20 PM PST we saw 2 flying objects on the west side of San Ramon. These were identical to stars but bigger and they were moving quite fast, can these be UFO. Both of these objects were identical and totally distinct from aeroplanes in the sky. They were not as fast as you see them in video as part of it was due to me holding the camera and trying to find object. My camera was not stable. This was not a video camera but a DSLR camera. I look forward to hear your expert opinion about if these were a UFO. The pictures have tail due to unstability. These objects  (possibly UFO 🙂 were circular in shape with no tails.

[flickr_set id=”72157646442061032″]

Related Post: Just read an article on Yahoo which talks about many people having similar sightings on the same day. A coincidence or the same thing traveled to there?


World population and per capita income

A very interesting map infographic from National Geographic that shows where and how the population of 7 billion lives. The map shows population density; the brightest points are the highest densities. Each country is colored according to its average annual gross national income per capita, using categories established by the World Bank.

The most amazing thing for me on this infographic is how World population and per capita income have been shown in co-relation with things like Life expectancy, years of education, literacy rate, fertility rate, new migration rate, phone subscriptions, cars, carbon dioxide emissions etc.

World population and per capita income
World population and per capita income

Here is one of the correlations with world population and per capita income and you can see more on National Geographic’s website by clicking on various tabs of infographic.

World population and per capita income
World population and per capita income