Day 2 of MarTech Conference

Here are my tweet notes from Day 2 of Marketing Technology conference (MarTech) at Boston

Some of good reads from others who attended MarTech.


Are your metrics screwed up due to bots? 61.5% of website visitors are bots.

2103 report for Incapsula reveals an increase in bot traffic since last year. Are you currently segmenting your bot traffic in your web analytics profile? Are you ensuring that your website metrics are not inflated? If not, I think this a right time to start thinking and doing something about it because

61.5% of Web Traffic Is Not Human

61.5% of Web Traffic Is Not Human


Here are some good articles on how you can segment the bot traffic if you are using Google Analytics:

What is Rand Fishkin (MOZ) upto?

What is Rand Fishkin upto? There seems to be a top secret project MOZ going on from SEOMOZ. MOZ blog is already up and running. What I can see from the current home page message they are definitely going to join the inbound marketing business. I am looking forward for this launch as I am interested to see their offering in the space of inbound marketing. I am a follower of Rand Fishkin awesome work in the SEO space. Good wishes to Rand Fishkin!